About us

What does BÊP mean?

B Ê P simply means Vietnamese kitchen - a homey kitchen just like one of those you would see in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City’s street-side cafe where a loving mother prepares and cooks for her family, neighbors every day. We only use the freshest ingredients from spices, leafy vegetables to seafood and meat hand-picked daily. To ensure the recipe that is passed on from generations to generations would not lack lustre so everyone’s stomach would be filled with the tastiest food feeling satisfied and loved.


Our team strives to bring you an authentic Vietnamese cuisine and an engaging experience where you would feel like to hangout and return, because you crave that very heart-warming Vietnamese food in a hip, stylish yet friendly and convivial environment.

Things We Do

Hardcore Vietnamese 

If you stand inside our kitchens, you will hear only Vietnamese chats because all our kitchen staff are Vietnamese, bringing things they eat and use in Vietnam to prepare authentic Vietnamese food for you.  

Fresh & sweet ingredients

Everyone can boil the broth for hours and hours, but we do it with the right food that is only fresh and sweet, and using recipes that has been passing from generations to generations, you will taste and see the difference. 

Massive herbs 

One thing you would notice is that we give you loads of herbs, spices and leaves to go with your pho, cha gio, banh xeo and many more. Because that is elementary. 

It's always good to stay connected 


We are an independent operator which our passion lies in making good Vietnamese food only and nothing else. The majority of our people are from Vietnam and we want to share our culture and friendliness, that's why we are here to meet you. See you soon.

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