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Make-to-order rice rolls

We love banh cuon — rice noodle rolls so much, that we only serve make-to-order ones on site. They are so fresh, thin yet bouncy in your mouth which you can nearly see all the fillings inside, like crab meat, pork, shrimp and mushroom mixture and then fold into tender cylinders. These are the national breakfast favorite.

banh cuon pronounced as“baan quoon” literally means rolled cakes, the term refers to the steamed rice sheets themselves, which may be served as is, laid out flat with toppings such as fried shallot and fresh herbs, or they may be filled and rolled. The massive garnishes on the side, banh cuon is typically enjoyed with a drizzle of or dunk into nuoc cham (fish sauce), the infamous Viet tangy dipping sauce.

To amp up the dish further, we have loaded this delicate rice rolls with Viet-style sausage, unfried gio lua and pan-fried fish cakes. Together with the super fresh crispy vegetables and pickles, the sampler plate is something so fun and tasty to share amongst your beloved family and friends.


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