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Learning to make the infamous sizzling crepe in Da Nang

Bánh Xèo is such an iconic dish in Vietnam besides pho and rice paper rolls, and we are lucky to have the experience to learn making them in Da Nang. Let us show you the fun cultural experience only this amazing city has to offer.

The chargrill station here is such a common cooking tool for local Vietnamese' home. The cast iron pan once made hot by the beautiful charcoal stove, add generous amount of cooking oil to this pan and get ready for the frying. Be patient to wait up for the pan to heat up, so when the batter is poured into the pan, you will hear the sizzling sound which means the crepe will be crispy and crunchy. It's so often mistaken that Bánh Xèo contains egg because it's yellow, actually the yellow color comes from turmeric. Turmeric is a spice that comes from the root of Curcuma longa exuding a taste of warm subtle and mild earthy notes of ginger and capsicum. And you can get really creative with the filling by adding bean sprouts, green beans, pork, shrimp and pretty much anything you want. Once the ingredients are poured, wait up for the crepe to be immersed in the hot oil cooking up all the delicious fillings. Fold the crepe once and then dinner is ready! Either wrap the crepe with rice paper or large fresh lettuce, splash the tangy fish sauce all over to add the extra taste, and you will simply want to make more and eat more.

The experience of cooking this iconic dish is so unique, fun and memorable. Through this local home we understand better their home set up, the simple joy of making food together and how food connects people. Vietnamese cuisine is so super nutritious and delicious as so much vegetables are always included making even fried food feel like a balanced diet. And you can now replicate this experience at all our branches by ordering Bánh Xèo that is so full of seafood or tasteful pork. Chow down this crunchy crepe with a Da Nang lime lager freshly brewed by Moonzen Brewery, hope that eases your urge of flying out to Vietnam for the time being before you plan your next trip to this friendly country.

Photo credits: Michell Lie

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