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Vietnamese rice rolls VS Cantonese rice rolls

We blogged about this favorite dish of ours before but we want to write about it again because it's simply too good. Bánh cuốn is a light and flavorful dish that is commonly enjoyed as a breakfast or brunch item in Vietnam. Its delicate texture and combination of savory flavors make it a favorite among Vietnamese food enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed as a street food snack or served in restaurants, bánh cuốn offers a unique and delicious culinary experience. In Hong Kong, we do have something quite similar to this dish and it's called Cheung Fun 腸粉 which the rice rolls will have various fillings and finish off with generous splash of sweet soy sauce.

Our opinion is that bánh cuốn batter is made of rice flour, water, and sometimes a small amount of tapioca flour which it turns the translucent rice crepe into something incredibly soft and slightly chewy in texture. That bounciness is something we all love and the fish sauce has that sweet and tanginess that is so delicious and refreshing. Not only are the Vietnamese rice rolls made with fillings, but it's meant to be eaten with the home-made fish cake, fresh lettuces and herbs altogether. Come and try this unique dish here at BEP (Sheung Wan and K11 Musea branch only) because it's not so easily found in Hong Kong.

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