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A day in the life of BEP kitchen team

Imagine being one of the team member in the hustling BEP kitchen: not only do you have to be laser-focused on cooking up quality food super quickly, but also you must be so agile and flexible to cope with countless surprises every single day from people to environment, from rules to regulations... Let's reveal the life of our kitchen beauties.

Flaming stoves, sizzling hot griddles, and heavy kitchen utensils together with high kitchen temperatures are the everyday norm for our Vietnamese chefs. What makes our chefs radiating with happiness and sense of achievement is simply seeing our customers enjoying the food in joy.

The day begins at 8 am...

Let's steam up the kitchen! Team A takes up the preparation work, which ensures the bustling day going to run smoothly. The first thing they do is preparing fragrant, flavorful broth for all noodle soup. All Vietnamese broth requires a long cooking time and slow-simmer till all essences of ingredients are brought out, like ours, we simmered overnight for at least 10 hours - the broth is everything.

9:30 am: Team B is back! We are now having the full team ready for hectic lunch hours. While Team A is tied up with broth-making, Team B needs to handle all essential matters like assembling food portions for dishes, rinsing all Vietnamese herbs and greens with food-grade detergents, and setting in order the herb platters for noodle soup.

The door opens & music on

11:30 am: Full team standby, hype up the vibe with music, open our doors, and service starts. Let's welcome customers who are hoping to fix their craving with our hearty Vietnamese food.

When the shop is getting busier and filled with customers table by table, Team A fully concentrates on dishing up, packing takeaway food, and bagging Deliveroo orders.

Meanwhile, Team B is processing the ingredients dropped off fresh from our warehouse for the service tomorrow - unpack, defrost, rinse, and marinate, as well as, preparing all-time-favorite skewers, spring rolls, and making artisanal calamari cakes.

3 pm: Service slows down, and a few tables left. Our team can now wipe off the sweats and get hydrated.

The meal break comes

4:30 pm: Every day's staff meal is prep by our kitchen team with 80% of love and 20% creativity. It's time for our front-of-the-house team and kitchen team to gather around dining tables and have our bellies filled. Also is a time to chit-chat about either the new dish ideas or their experience with parenting (most of them are loving mothers).

The night screen hung down

After the meal break, our team needs to get ready for the preparation of dinner settings. The early guest steps in at 6 pm, orders come in and the kitchen starts moving again.

7 pm: Team B is on full-steam handling all cooking, plating, packing, and bagging professionally. Different from lunch hours, dinner hour is more lively. Chatters, laughter, and the wine glass clinkings enliven the night and spreading the good vibes out.

10:00 pm: All customers left with happy tummies, or flushed faces after a cheeky tipple. Closing begins. Our kitchen ladies have to finish all proper cleaning procedures - sanitizing all kitchenwares, replacing the frying oil with the new one, mopping the floor to keep everything nice and tidy. What's more, scheduled pest control twice a week to keep all pests away.

11:00 pm: Now, it's time to go home.

Lights out and see y'all tomorrow.

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