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A Story of Us.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

88-90 Wellington Street in Central is where our second branch of B Ê P was born. This site encompasses countless bitter sweet moments we had together with the customers, the team and the neighbors in the last 7 years.

This shop has served us well and for many years, numerous bowls of pho have been created on this cosy location. As time evolves, once a brand new shop has now aged and retired to give way to another era.

The majority of B Ê P team came from Vietnam, and hence the authentic recipes we have serving our friends in HK. B Ê P is open 375 days a year, in unfailing faith and dedication, our teamwork wholeheartedly pouring their very best for our customers. Our simple goal is to share with all those who crave for some authentic Vietnamese street food such as a piping hot pho, aromatic skewers, crispy fried spring rolls, or a bowl refreshing rice vermicelli that never feels complete with the house-made nouc mam (fish sauce).

B Ê P is transitioning from a young girl into a young woman, needing a brand new image that speaks simplicity, elegance and modernity.

While the Wellington branch is undergoing a full-on revamp, let's reminiscent on the site through this album and we sincerely thank everyone who has visited this shop and giving us your trust to serve you home-made Vietnamese food and hospitality.


Nearly 18 years ago, the founding concept at this location was Nha Trang, then we brought B Ê P in. The reason we kept the Nha Trang logo with us because many customers were confused when they saw B Ê P instead of Nha Trang on Wellington Street, as they thought we moved out. B Ê P literally means 'Kitchen' in Vietnamese, pronounced as 'b-ap' in English. It's a place that mimics a home kitchen where mom prepares homemade food from recipe that is passed from generation to generation. The food is used with the freshest ingredients and cooked in the most attentive way every day. Loving food straight from the heart.

From the square white tiles, wooden furniture, light fixtures to the tableware and food ingredients were all sourced from worldwide finest suppliers.


B Ê P is made of a loving team of staff who embrace different cultures and languages. Our team pour their hearts into all the food and space, just want to share the Vietnamese hospitality. #welovethisplace

These are our family, without their love, we cannot stand till today. A hardworking crew makes everything smooth.

Here is the story of us. Share your moment in B Ê P and we are more than happy to listen.

We will be back in mid-August, see you all very soon!

Location: B Ê P, G/F, 88-90 Wellington Street, Central Photo Credit: What The Fox

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