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Vietnamese herbs that you need to know.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Herbs is indispensable in the creation of aromatic broth of Vietnamese pho. Similar to Kimchi for Korean - herbs is a mandatory element to every Vietnamese family's dining table.

Herbs in Vietnam's culinary journey are irreplaceable components yet nearly the most identifiable. A herbs platter with plentiful greens will be served whenever you order a classic beef pho or fried spring rolls, you can simply personalize your meal with these herbs and nuoc mam. Let us share with you a simple glossary about the most common herbs that you need to know before you hop into another Vietnamese restaurant for a hearty Vietnamese meal.

1/ Thai Basil (hung que)

Thai basil differs from the basil leaves that are commonly used by Western cuisine as a source base or collocate with tomatoes. It has a purplish tinge to its leaves and stems and a more anisey flavor profile than sweet basil.

Thai basil is commonplace on the herbs platter, especially the Southern Vietnamese edition.