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Craving for Ice-cold fizzy drinks in hot summer?

Hong Kong is hot and humid throughout the year, and summer heat can easily go up to 30°C. For someone who cannot handle the heat, a superb way is to get a big sip of fizzy drink - the iced-cold one! We have some goodies imported from New Zealand for you, the organic fizzy drinks that you can grab and go in BEP.

Lemmy Lemonade

Lemmy Lemonade is different from the ordinary one, a dash of grapefruit gives that citrusy boost. Made with organic lemon and fairtrade cane sugar, this delicious drink not only nourishes your palate, but you are actually helping farmers getting the fortune that they deserve. The sweet and sour punch and bubbling texture invigorate your appetite in the scorching weather.


A touch of heat and spiciness from ginger that organically grown in Sri Lanka mixes with the spices like cassia, clove and the secret ingredient - capsicum, gives this Gingerella a crisp, fiery kick flavour. For people who fancy something explosive, Gingerella is your choice to go with savoury dishes that can definitely refresh your taste buds!

Get your summer vibes ready with these organic fizzy drinks! 💛

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