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Chilling beaches in Vietnam

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Thanks to Vietnam’s position stretching down the eastern edge of Indochina, the country features a whole host of beautiful beaches that are just longing to be explored.

Vietnam is a coastal country with over 3000 km of stunning coastline, there are infinite spectacular beaches, islands, caves and lagoons waiting to be discovered. Most of the popular tourist destinations along the classic north-to-south route are on the coast, so whether you’re visiting Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang or Nha Trang, you’re never too far from a beach! There are many well-worth visiting beaches in Vietnam like Nha Trang beach, Mui Ne beach, Doc Let beach, Star beach, Long beach, etc. If you are a beach person, visiting Vietnam will be your lifelong unforgettable trip. Let us share some of our favorites below, so when you can travel again, please do stop by these amazing spots for your long-desired break.

Da Nang Beach

The southern beaches are the most popular ones in Da Nang. They are located by the road going from Son Tra Peninsula all the way to Hoi An. This big stretch of sand has been divided into few beaches: Pham Van Dong, My Khe, Bac My Anh and Non Nuoc. There is nothing really different between them and they all look more or less the same. During the day the southern beaches are quiet and deserted. Da Nang is mostly popular among Asian tourists and those usually wait until it gets a little cooler and the sun is not as strong. In the evening the beaches become crowded. Tourists flock in and the locals come to cool down with their families. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, it is better to enjoy the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. These beaches are nothing like the ones you see in Thailand or other Asian countries. There are no palm trees and nowhere to hide from the burning sun. Your only option here will be deck chairs, hidden under umbrellas, that you can rent from one of the little bars on the beach

Bãi Cháy cave visit

Bai Chay is the starting point for the majority of bay cruises, most visitors to Halong Bay pass through it at some point. Stroll along the picturesque Bai Chay harbor, where a jumble of white-painted junk boats await their passengers; ride the elevator to the top of the Bai Chay Bridge for a view over the bay; then head to the beach to swim, try water sports such as waterskiing and kayaking, or watch a traditional water-puppet show and visit the famous caves in this region. Dark Cave – Chay River, a natural wonder of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park in Quang Binh, Vietnam. After discovering in 1990, Dark cave was soon put into operation as a tourist attraction in Phong Nha. The cave is famous for lots of adventurous activities such as Zipline, kayaking, and cave discovery. There are different ways to reach these cave either by motorbike, tour bus or car. On the way to exploring your cave, you will be amazed by the scenery with beautiful rice paddy fields, local houses, and small paths.

Nha Trang beach

It's famous because its unique landscape of vibrant city immerses with the natural beauty of stunning beaches and greens. Nha Trang is one of the more famous package holiday beach destinations in Vietnam, with water sports, nightclubs and family resorts, but there are also plenty of smaller spots for those seeking a quieter vacation - a superb destination that can satisfy every type of traveler. It takes 1.5 hours to fly to Nha Trang from Hanoi, and a mere 35 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City. It's a city that is rather peaceful yet energetic brimming with tall green mountains in the background lie along the gently curved stretch of dazzling white sand . This perfect combination of human construction and natural beauty comes together with the amazingly clear water, colliding with the vast blue sky at the faraway horizon, which makes up the one of most spectacular settings of the country.

Best Time to Visit Vietnamese Beaches

Vietnam is a tropical country, it has all year round hot and humid climate. The best time to visit beaches would suggest being in spring and autumn, as the temperatures are moderate and less hefty rainfalls as summertime. You could go sunbathe with your favorite books, do any kind of watersports or just chill at the beachside in nice and comfy weather. The only time to avoid is the rainy season, which often sees heavy rains, violent storms, wind chill and even some risk of typhoon devastation at the heart of the rainy reason. Those who visit Nha Trang during this time of the year are strongly advised to keep abreast of the local weather forecast to make plans accordingly. As long as you don’t travel from October to end of January, you will certainly see the clear blue water as advertised on the tourist brochure. However, summers are a bit hot for many tourists not from tropical countries, especially during the months of July and August. They are, nevertheless, the most suitable months for photography lover, ecotourism, ocean tourism and water sports.

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Da Nang beach photo by Kiril Dobrev on Unsplash

Cave photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash

Nha Trang beach photo by Tam Le on Unsplash

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